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What we believe to be the best Smoked Salmon available on the planet - Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!
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Ardtaraig 907g (2lb) D-Sliced Premium Organic Smoked Salmon Pack

With our decison made to stop supplying Wild Smoked Salmon taken last year, we have spent 2018 sourcing what we believe to be the very best quality Organic Salmon available anywhere.

This is a truly sustainable and incredibly delicious alternative to Wild Scottish Salmon and at Ardtaraig we actually prefer it.

Firm in texture and full of flavour - how is this achieved?

Firstly, the exceptional quality of the fish. Stocked in extremely low numbers in a farm situated in fast flowing clean waters with a high tidal flow rate.

Secondly the isolation of the farm means that there is no need to use antibiotics or GMO's and all the fish are fed exclusively on natural, organic ingredients, hence its organic status.

There is quite simply no better farmed produce available.

Each side is smoked over a blend of Oak and Beech wood, using traditional and time-honoured smoking techniques. Then each side is first matured before being lovingly prepared by hand.

All of the above factors allow the wonderful flavour of the king of fish to shine through with exceptional texture and a clean not overly smoked flavour on the pallet.

You or your lucky recipient will receive a truly stunning product presented in our packaging with great care and attention to detail.

Responsibly sourced, and sustainable, this is the future of what is the best Smoked Salmon we have ever offered.

Try it today, we are sure you won't be disappointed!

This Side of Salmon will serve 12 people as a starter easily or many more as canapés.