907g D-Sliced Side of Traditional Smoked Salmon

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A whole side of Salmon, carefully D-Sliced ready for you to enjoy. This is the perfect gift or perhaps, the perfect indulgence for yourself. Why don't you give it a try?
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Ardtaraig Traditional Smoked Scottish Salmon - 907g (2lb) D-Sliced Side

The finest quality Smoked Scottish Salmon.

Our "flagship" 907g (or 2lb) side is our most popular size and, whilst this is a farmed product, its quality is second to none. This beautiful side of Salmon is carefully D-Sliced before being placed back on its skin. It looks wonderfully impressive as the centrepiece for a dinner party and will easily feed 12 people as a starter.

Our traditional smoking process does not utilise the modern smoking techniques of many of our competitors, but harks back to time old smoking methods using London brick kilns and a combination of Oak and Beech woods. This produces a mild smoke flavour and ensures that you can still taste the Salmon.

All of our fish comes from 2 farms situated in fast flowing waters in the North West of Scotland. With low stocking density and good quality feeding we can ensure that our fish has a firm texture, a fantastic flavour and is of consistently excellent quality.