Caviar and Fish Roe

Sustainable, delicious and indulgent....Desietra Caviar

For years now all wild sturgeon species have been endangered and on the brink of collapse after years of unsustainable harvesting for their eggs. This has made sale of Wild Caviar next to impossible and the quality of the product lacking. Thankfully over a number of years, sustainable sources of caviar through aquaculture have grown and now are giving stocks in the Wild the chance to redevelop along with providing a fantastic source of high quality Caviar.

Ardtaraig is delighted to have partnered directly with the exclusive UK suppliers of Desietra Caviar which is one of the most prominent producers of Caviar in the world to bring you responsibly sourced and absolutely delicious Caviar.

All Caviar produced in aquaculture is governed and restricted by the same CITES trading restrictions as Wild Caviar and as such is labelled according to Breed, Country of origin, year of production, licence no and batch number , also whether the Caviar has been repacked or direct from Manufacturer. All Desietra Caviar supplied by us is direct from manufacture and labelled as such and the tins are tamper sealed.

We hope you enjoy this wonderful addition to our offering along with our Wild Salmon and Trout Eggs.