Maldon Oysters

At Ardtaraig we are delighted to have partnered with one of the best Oyster producers in the UK, Maldon Oysters. We can now offer their fantastic products for purchase online and for delivery direct to your door.

Maldon pride themselves in producing an oyster of premium quality with a distinctive flavour.  They have developed their oysters to provide as good and as consistent a product as is possible.  They supply Native Oysters when in season and ‘Maldon Oysters’ all the year round. A variety types and sizes are available.

Oysters are gathered daily from their oyster beds and transported to their purification and packing plant.

Here they are washed and purified in modern temperature controlled tanks, which achieve optimum purification for a minimum of 42 hours. Maldon have invested in the latest technology to eliminate norovirus during the purification process and are at present the only shellfish farm in the UK that has an approved facility that almost completely eliminates norovirus.

 The oysters are then graded into sizes ready for packing and dispatch, followed by delivery in refrigerated vehicles to maintain quality and condition.

The Maldon plant is registered and approved by their local Environmental Health Department and all our processes are carried out under strict HACCP procedures.  Maldon products are regularly sent for microbiological analyses and the water quality of the River is regularly tested.