The Scottish Whisky Hamper

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One of our newest creations and absolutely perfect for anyone who loves whisky. We have "The Peaty One" and the "Rounded and Smooth one" and " The Sweet & The Smoke" - All three are exceptional and cater for all tastes
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The Scottish Whisky Hamper

As part of our brand new 16" blue gift box range, our Whisky hampers are designed to be a really luxurious gift for anyone who loves Scottish whisky.

We know that taste in whisky is very individual so we have sourced three very different whiskies for these gift boxes.

Bottle Selection 1 - The Peaty One: We have a gorgeous peaty single malt whisky from Islay distillery Machir Bay called Kilchoman. This is still very well balanced and not too smoky, but definitely for someone who likes Islay Malts.

Bottle Selection 2 - Rounded and Smooth: The Glengoyne 10 Year old single malt is a stunning, very rounded and smooth single malt from Glengoyne distillery. You will stuggle to find anyone who doesnt like this gorgeous whisky.

Bottle Selection 3 - The Sweet and the Smoke - The most local of the three choices to our location, The Ailsa Bay 1.2 is scientifically distilled at 022 parts “peat” and 019 parts “sweet”, then micro matured to a precise balance of oaky sweetness and smoky notes, this award winning new age single malt pushes the boundaries of flavour. This is not for the feint of heart, but for a true lover of peated malts, this will be a real surprise and likely one that they will not have tried before.

Take a look inside:




All of these items have been carefully sourced from some of the very best suppliers across Scotland. They all pair beautifully with Scotlands best known products, Whisky and Smoked Salmon.

Each item is outstanding in its own right and we are very proud to work with each and every small producer.