Dundonnell Smoked Salmon



Dear Dundonnell Customer,

In our October letter of 2018 we advised everyone that we were going to retire and that there was to be new custodians of Dundonnell Smoked Salmon. We write as promised to bring you up to date with our plans to merge our customer base with that of Ardtaraig Fine Foods based in Ayrshire. They have been in the smoked salmon business now some 38 years and like us, they are a family run business providing a very high degree of personal service and top quality produce.

The similarities between our two businesses are quite striking in terms of product range, personal service and attitude to fair play - treating customers as friends and being treated as you would wish to be treated yourself.

You can either order online with Ardtaraig, (www.ardtaraig.com), or orders can be placed over the phone with Peter (Peter Mortimer) who is the voice at the end of the phone when you call 01292 521000 . Also, like Dundonnell Smoked Salmon, Ardtaraig will do a mailing in October with a list of your orders and your giftees and what they received for your convenience.

Ardtaraig produces a beautiful colour brochure with all photography done in-house and there are very good illustrations of the gifts you might order. Their 2019/2020 brochure will be mailed in October but if you would like a current copy please call Peter or email your request and one will be mailed to you promptly. Alternatively, complete the request form attached and mail it back to Peter.

Finally, may we say a heartfelt thank you for all your support down through the years.

Yours sincerely

Ron and Claire Palmer Dundonnell Smoked Salmon