Provenance & Sustainability

The provenance and Sustainability of our Salmon

At Ardtaraig we understand that our customers are becoming more and more demanding of their suppliers to demonstarate and highlight good provenance of their products and to ensure they are from responsibly run and sustainable sources.

This is particularly important in the Scottish Salmon industry which has been under intense scrutiny lately.

Our provenance means that we know where each and every salmon has come from and each salmon is locally sourced from sustainable farms well situated in fast flowing and cold waters in the North West Coast of Scotland where it is rugged and completely remote.

All of the salmon we source are hand reared which allows for close observation and meticulous attention to animal welfare. Low stocking densities ensure that the fish have room to move freely and grow healthily. They are only fed on a very healthy omega 3 diet of fish trimmings.

We are comitted to ensuring the welfare and rearing of the salmon we use in order to provide you, our customers with the very highest quality smoked scottish produce that we can.