Smoked in the time honoured way

Our Smoked Salmon production methods have hardly changed in 40 years.

Whether it's our Traditional farmed or Organic Smoked Scottish Salmon or our other wonderful fish products our smoking process utilises years of experience to provide you with a wonderful artisan product.

Smoked over a period of 2 days in updated versions of traditional brick kilns with beech and oak, we believe that time and quality preparation are the key to creating a product that cannot be found just anywhere, and that is for the true connoisseur.

Our trademark 'smoke' produces a light smokiness to allow the wonderful flavour of our Salmon to shine through, whilst not creating an overly oily product. Something that our customers come back for again and again.

We are passionate about bringing you a product that provides you with complete satisfaction and we stand by our methods and will do for generations to come.