The Ardtaraig

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Our newest creation and one we think you will really like - We called it The Ardtaraig and for good reason. 3 Different Bottle Pairings to choose from - The perfect gift that says it all.
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The Ardtaraig

We devised this as a medium sized hamper last year simply because we could not pack any more delicious treats into our smaller blue boxes. However, we missed our signature blue box so much that we decided to make a bigger one so we can squeeze in as much as we can. We think that this gift box beautifully sums up what we do so there was no question about what it would be called: The Ardtaraig.

We have created 3 different bottle pairings for you to select from according to budget and taste. We are sure you or your recipient will be delighted no matter which pairing you choose.

Starting with packs of our Traditionally Smoked Scottish Salmon and Traditional Gravadlax which are perfect with some Dill & Mustard sauce or even a dollop of caviar (spoon provided of course). More delicious savoury nibbles await with Chicken Liver and Brussels Pâtés and the wonderfully tangy Shorrocks Lancashire bomb cheese. The Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crispbreads are superb with everything and just to make sure the seasoning is absolutely perfect we’ve included Keralan Green Pepper and Blackthorn Salt. Something sweeter to top it off with a selection of Amèlie Belgian Chocolates. Not forgetting your choice of white wine and champagne because, quite frankly, why not?

Take a look inside:



We are incredibly proud of this gift box and we really hope that you like it.