The Ultimate Hamper by Ardtaraig

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The ultimate in what we can provide all in one beautifully packaged large Ardtaraig Blue Gift Box. 3 different carefully selected bottle packages to choose from. Go on, why not, indulge and treat yourself or someone who deserves it. you will not be disappointed!
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The Ultimate Hamper by Ardtaraig

Completely revised for 2021 and in our all new 24" large crested blue gift box, this is what we believe is the Ultimate hamper.

When it comes to the ultimate luxury hamper we believe that each item needs to be of the very best quality available.

This lead us to create a hamper that not only competes with the very best out there, but which offers great value for money given it's premium contents.

Completely refreshed for 2021, we have given you the option of choosing one of three different bottle packages at different price points.

Each selection contains some truly delicious bottles of Wine, Champagne, Port and Whisky and we are sure that whichever one you choose that you or your recipient will be delighted with it's contents.





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