Smoked Scottish Rainbow Trout

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Ardtaraig Smoked Scottish Rainbow Trout - Long Sliced

Beautiful Smoked Scottish Rainbow Trout smoked using traditional methods.

Our Smoked Scottish Rainbow Trout is a fantastic alternative to our Smoked Salmon. It is more delicate in flavour than the Salmon with a very similar texture.

Our Scottish Rainbow Trout comes from the fast flowing waters in the North West of Scotland. With low stocking density and good quality feeding we can ensure that our fish has a firm texture and a fantastic flavour. Therefore we know where each individual fish has come from and how it has been treated, this provides us with the certainty that you are receiving the best possible produce and consistent quality.

Our smoking process does not utilise the modern smoking techniques of many of our competitors, but harks back to time old smoking methods using London brick kilns and Oak and Beech wood. This provides a fantastic flavour and texture which leans towards a more mild smoke flavour and less oily texture. This ensures that the wonderful delicate flavour of our Trout shines through