200g Ardtaraig Single Malt Whisky Cured Smoked Scottish Salmon

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200g Whisky Cured Smoked Scottish Salmon

What better way to produce a specialty Smoked Salmon that to marry two of Scotland's finest products, Salmon and Whisky.

Assuming that you like whisky, because this product really does taste of it, you will love this marriage of our traditional Smoked Scottish Salmon and the process of whisky curing.

Whilst the process of curing our Smoked Salmon is the same, we undertake an extra step of smoking the fillets over fresh whisky casks before the maturing process begins. The casks infuse the Salmon with a fantastic, subtle undertone of whisky which is then brought to the fore with a slight misting of the Smoked Salmon before packing.

The single malt whisky mist completes the flavour profile when combined with the curing and smoking process to produce a product that stands tall amongst our other products. It really does what is says on the tin and the whisky only adds to the wonderful flavour of our salmon rather than masking it.